Do you know me?
Have you ever heard my name?
Have you ever seen me?
I think some of you have heard my name for 3 months. I would like to introduce myself that I am a kind virus with white sphere, yellow protein coated with lipid and spikes as crowns as my name. I am as small hundredth as bacteria so the scientists need to use electron microscopes to see me.
why I can go around the world quickly (pandemic)?
When I go inside your body, I takes 3 days that you have not any symptoms. Arter that stage the disease common symptoms include fever, cough and shortness breath occurs.Not only the symptoms of the disease takes time but also there are 4 out of 5 who are attacked but have no symptom. In that group of they can be the accidentally carriers.
I come out with the patients’ droplets produced by coughing, sneezing and or talking.I can survive on any surfaces up to 72 hours, people may become infected by touching that surfaces and then touching their bodies.
Human body is the right habitat (house) to grow cause there are lots of food to have, warm to live. So I can duplicate (double) amounts of my new bodies there, my favourite place is red blood cell which normally hold oxygen to our whole body from lung. When I get there your red blood cell called`Hemoglobin` is blocked so your respiratory (breathing) system is failured.
Now I think it’s all about me. Next time I will tell you more about the things that make me leave and how to far away from me….
See you then..

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